Fermata Nowhere Delivers Positive Vibes Through Song

  • Ҵý High Ҵý’s A Cappella Club, now known as Fermata Nowhere, has undergone many transformations since the extracurricular chorus club was formed back in the 1990s. 

    Ҵý alumni might remember it as Jazz/Rock, which was a club that met after school and learned a variety of jazz and older pop pieces. Often times, those pieces were accompanied by a small jazz combo of keyboard, bass and drums, and would perform each February at the SCMEA Jazz Day and the EIHS Scholarship Concert. Jazz/Rock later became known simply as Vocal Jazz, and the emphasis was placed on all-vocal jazz literature. In some years, the group would perform at SCMEA Jazz Day, but their EIHS concert performance was moved to one of the spring concerts in May. Between 2009 and 2017, the club remained a Vocal Jazz extracurricular club and performed at the Art and Jazz Festival in May. In 2017, the club was finally revamped again, becoming the beloved A Cappella Club. It was dubbed Fermata Nowhere by a student, after a number of other names were tried and discarded. 

    Guided by Choral Director Bethany Affelt, the club’s primary focus now is more contemporary and pop music-based, and every piece is now sung a cappella. Students audition for the group in early September, and rehearsals are held every Monday night during the school year. Fermata Nowhere has been performing at every EIHS concert for the past seven years, in between the larger performing ensembles, and on occasion, at local holiday tree lighting ceremonies. At these concerts, the students sing in front of the pit orchestra in order to keep the audience entertained while the stage crew sets up behind the red curtain. 

    More recently, Fermata Nowhere has branched out to perform at Ҵý Middle Ҵý’s concerts as well. Another annual tradition is the club’s Valentine's Day fundraiser, delivering singing telegrams to help spread positive vibes and love throughout the school. During this year’s Feb. 14 event, Fermata Nowhere delivered a heartwarming singing telegram performance of the “Friends” theme song, The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There for You,” for the school’s secretarial staff.

    Date Added: 2/28/2024