• Regular attendance is essential to a sound education. It is the legal responsibility of the parent to ensure that his or her child attends school daily and to contact the school on any day that the child is absent. To report a student absent during regular school hours, the following numbers may be called:

    Connetquot Elementary Ҵý: 631-224-2001 Option 3  
    John F. Kennedy Elementary Ҵý: 631-224-2003 Option 3  
    Ruth C. Kinney Elementary Ҵý: 631-224-2007 Option 3
    Timber Point Elementary Ҵý: 631-224-2004 Option 3  

    Ҵý High Ҵý: 631-224-2006 Option 3  
    Ҵý Middle Ҵý: 631-224-2008 Option 3  

    Students are required to submit a parent- or guardian-written and signed excuse note upon returning to school. Excessive absence or lateness will be investigated with the aim of providing appropriate assistance.

    Please read the entire Ҵý Ҵý District Attendance Policy by .